Angelina Jolie Skin Care Secrets

Angelina Jolie skin care secrets

According to the Daily Mail, the 39-year-old Hollywood star is thought to be a fan of Dragon’s Blood, Rodial’s popular sculpting facial gel. Dubbed the ‘Liquid Facelift’, the beauty product works by adding essential volume to hollow skin. It claims to plump, sculpt and lift the complexion whilst protecting against ageing and reducing skin sagging. It is considered a less-invasive alternative to fillers, creating a youthful complexion without the needless and avoiding the common problem known as ‘pillow face’, where the cheeks look ‘inflated’. ‘With our new Dragon’s Blood serum, women including our celebrity fans, are able to regain the youthful fullness in their face,’ says a spokesperson for Rodial.

Dragon’s Blood alleviates the need for such cosmetic work as it plumps facial hollows and ‘orbital troughs’ under and around the eyes, as well as for cheek volume and contouring of the chin, forehead and nose. Pop star Lady Gaga also uses cream and reportedly used it as she prepared for the Golden Globes earlier this year. During independent trials, 92% of volunteers saw an increase in skin elasticity over three months, while 72% also experienced a reduction in skin sagging. Results also showed that those who used Dragon’s Blood found their skin was dramatically defined and volumised with firmer skin and improved tonicity around the jaw line and cheek bones.

Angelina Jolie Beauty Secrets:

Her skin is Jolie’s first priority. She takes all possible care of her skin. She believes that a person looks naturally beautiful when his/her skin is healthy and glowing. Usually, she avoids never uses harsh soaps to wash her face,she applies lotion liberally and always wears SPF. Body moisturizing is another task she does every day with time and care.

The no-makeup look: Except on screen and at certain events, you would find this diva appearing with a no-makeup look. She hates wearing too much makeup, which she has revealed at so many places while disclosing her beauty secrets.

According to makeup artist Toni Garavaglia, Angelina Jolie never uses harsh soaps to wash her face, applies lotion liberally, and always wears SPF. She chooses Colbert MD Nutrify and Protect Day age-defying cream for her delicate facial skin. She has also been known to use La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Lierac Paris’s Aqua-D Multivitamine Tinted Emulsion. Another favorite skincare brand of Angie’s is YonKa, from which she uses the Advanced Optimizer Creme Serum, as well as its Huile Corps and La Baume Body. During her pregnancy, she indulged in products from Bella Mama, a luxury cream line designed for maternity. Clearly, the actress likes to experiment with her skincare products– but she almost always keeps it high-end. Ironically, her most famous feature– her lips– are kept plump and hydrated by the popular drugstore lipbalm Blistex.

If you have less than perfect skin including unsightly acne scars, loss of plumpness, uneven pigmentation, and crepeyness then you probably know how much having less than perfect skin can get you down. Dermaroller, a treatment you may or may not have heard of – with celebrity fans such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt- can effectively stimulate the skin into producing its own collagen, helping with scarring, wrinkling, and general loss of tone.

The fine micro-needles of the Dermaroller device penetrate the epidermis to stimulate collagen and cell renewal at a sub-dermal level, prompting the skin to, literally, heal itself. Old acne scars can receive a much needed jump start and crepey skin, especially the fine, thin skin that covers the décolleté and around the eyes, will start to improve in tone after just a few Dermaroller treatments.

The A-list beauty may have her pick of every product going, but she’s developed a loyal obsession to one particular brand – Yon-Ka.
The complete range of Yon-Ka products can be found at the Skin Store.

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  1. Angelina has the kind of inner and outer beauty that can’t be bought in a jar or a tube. Of course eating right, exercising and not sweating the small stuff helps, but this lady is a natural beauty!

  2. Jennifer Dontfraid says:

    Since I was a young girl I was obsessed with powdering my face when girls my age did not ,especially I came from an island. Even now when I visit I am told why are you wearing make up. I have been concerned about the sun rays Because it caused me to developed a terigium in one eye and that’s why I read mostly every thing concerning skin care. I like Angelina a lot she is beautiful so I was interested in what she wears I cannot afford these products but I will wear the lip balm. Thanks for the info

  3. Mary Cauchi says:

    I need an antiaging eye cream/serum…to fill hollow area and treat bags….something affordabile pls

    • Natasha says:

      Hi Mary, if you are looking for something that really works see my post about the Best Anti-Aging Eye Serum I think this is a reasonable price for the results it gets.

      all the best

      • Kat says:

        Only trouble is they charge your account every month – like clockwork and NO PRODUCT turns up .. lying cheating SCAM.!!!!

        • Natasha says:

          Hi Kat, which company are you talking about?

        • Tina McConnell says:

          I agree!!! I have gotten charged twice with NO product in hand!!! and they are rude when you call them to cancel your 14 trial bottle. SCAM SCAM!!! it does not work!

        • Gloria Brannon says:

          Yes! It is marketed as a free product, only a $4.95 shipping charge, but they suck $89.95 out of your account when you pass the trial period! Except you haven’t received it when your trial period is up and you have already been charged, because you didn’t call and cancel a product that was supposed to be FREE!!! I’m calling the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU TOMORROW AND TURNING THEM IN!! THEY ARE ALSO CHANGING THE NAMES OF THE PRODUCT IN DIFFERENT ADS!! Trying to keep people from tracking then down! SORRY, YOU ARENT GOING TO ACAM ME!!!! AND I AM GOING TO TELL EVERYBODY I KNOW ABOUT IT AND MAY DO A LITTLE
          $89.98 EACH FREE!!!!!

          • Maria says:

            Had to cancel my credit card and wait a while to get my $200 back, I can’t believe this can happen in America!

          • Laura Coleman says:

            Me too… out of pocket over $800.00

          • Blossom says:

            What is the number of the company to cancel to avoid fees

          • Natasha says:

            Can anyone help with this?

          • C. C. says:

            Girl you are ABSOLUTELY correct. I also got charged $89.95 for my so called free sample. It was supposed to $4.95, so you can imagine how pi–ed off I was to see an $89.95 charge to my account. You don’t even receive you cream until the trial period is over. If any of you see that trial period for the low price of $4.95, DO NOT FALL FOR THAT LIE. You will be charged the full purchase price. What a RIP OFF. LIE LIE LIE

        • Karen Chase says:

          I just experienced the same problem. I made one purchase and the next month, my account was overdrawn. I checked and sure enough, they charged me a second time and no product. I advise people to stay away from ordering on line with this company.

    • Grace says:

      Great idea…pretty spendy I’m guessing. I got an inversion board my chiropractor suggested it within two month.I noticed I looked lot younger I used it daily for 20 minutes aday And I used the typical Hydralauric with C on my face and I also bought pills to take this keeps
      the skin plump. I love shea butter and coconut oil I like stuff that is natural

  4. Jenifer Sherman says:

    I don’t usually follow stars lives because I believe they need some privacy,but since the link kept popping up on different news feeds i followed it and instead of finding out what happened, I ended up with face cream that I thought was free and being charged for it later in the month. Be careful what you are signing up for. I wasn’t carful and now I’m out almost 200 dollars, my back couldn’t do anything and the company wouldn’t.

    • Natasha says:

      Hi Jenifer, thanks for your comment. I have had a few people email me with a similar story. It’s usually when a free sample is offered and all you have to do is pay the postage with your credit card. Then the scammer starts to take monthly payments from your credit card and it is very hard to cancel. Someone told me they ended up canceling their card to stop this. I don’t know who these companies are but if you’ve had a similar experience I am happy to “name and shame” them here.

  5. pam says:

    I’m already been ripped off and not even got my product yet, so how can i tust this will do anything for my skin. BEWARE when you order the free trial you will also be charged without agreeing,even though its not much , its that they get you for a big amount after 10 days. Please please dont order this unless you dont mind been ripped off. I finally got a number to asked why i was charged for another product that i never order, and was told when you take this trial you also agree from other products from other companys. Which is a big LIE i read everthing over and over before placing my order and i mean ever word and never saw nothing about agree to the oother product.

    • Natasha says:

      Thank you for your comment Pam but can you please tell us which product and where you got it from so everyone can avoid it.

      • Sarinthia Stewart says:

        Evening. I was advised to cancel my FREE trial today. But I cannot find the customer service number ANYWHERE!! If possible, PLEASE CANCEL or provide CONTACT INFO! I no longer want, doesn’t work. Not interested in continuing services! Thank You!

        • Natasha says:

          Hi Sarinthia, I can not cancel your free trial, this website is just a blog and I wrote this article about Angelina Jolie, that’s all, I have not taken any money from anyone, I am not affiliated with any of these scam sites I don’t know how you can get your money back. If you want to try these products I recommend you buy them from a reputable source like Amazon. I’m sorry so many people have fallen for this scam but it has nothing to do with me or this website.

    • Maria says:

      the same thing happend to me, exactly and I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with people who barely speak english and told me that was the policy! they didn’t disclose it anywhere on the website or when I ordered and I didn’t ask for the second cream, they just automatically put it in the order. I would think Angelina Jolie would have a more reputable company handling customers. They took all the money I had being right after Christmas and now I have to wait for the credit card company to dispute before getting money back. BUYER BEWARE, it’s not worth it!!

  6. Nina says:

    What is the name of her cream and where can you get it please..I’m in Australia

  7. Donnie D. Pomeroy says:

    I gave you my credit card number to cover the postage, $4.95 to cover a demo published on Facebook you have taken my card and keeping sending me Unrequested products then billing me for them. Shame on you

  8. Judith Metzger says:

    Angelina Jolie’s product line is a scam. First of all, the products are overpriced and of poor quality. Secondly, be aware of the 14-day offer. After one week of sampling the EV derma serum and the anti-aging eye goop, I emailed the Customer Service email stating I did not want to continue the products. Silly me, I contacted her website and not the brand X email connected to her Customer service. It seems that these products originate from a range of sources and the rep from one of the numbers I contacted did not even know the company’s own name. The handle complaints from a wide range of companies. A rep admonished me for not reading the disclosure (I really should have been more careful) and offered me a 30% return on the $180 I was charged for these two inferior products. He later offered 50% which is, as I will admit, an expensive lesson I learned. Bottom line–keep away from “free offers” which are synonymous with SCAM.

  9. Gloria Brannon says:






  10. Maria says:

    I am writing Better Business Bureau and anyone else that can do something about this. I even offered to send it back and was told I need to tell them why the product didn’t work, maybe I wasn’t using it right?!! the reps are so annoying and like robots reading a script. I told them I screen shot the order and there was absolutely nothing about their policy and this scam, unless it was in invisible ink!

  11. Sherry H. says:

    I never authorized anyone to take any additional money out of my account. I ordered a free trial on December 18th and paid shipping only. I never got ANY product. Here it is New Year’s day and they took $89.95 out of my account.I called Customer Service and they gave me some lie about I gave them the wrong PO Box. I am 59 years old and have never given anyone my incorrect PO box number.They said they are re-shipping the product. I told them I didn’t even want the product any longer, I just wanted to cancel everything.Hard to believe Angelina Jolie runs such a scam.I asked them to email me the document where I authorized them to continue to take money out of my bank account and they said they couldn’t do that. I will also get in touch with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General in the State of Maine. Someone has to stop this company from ripping people off !!

  12. Bea Webb says:

    Ordered two trial products and no where saw that I had 14 days to cancel, otherwise they would charge my credit card….which they did on the day before the 14 days were up.
    Only address is Fulfillment Depot in Las Vegas. Customer service reps were robotic and I was on the phone for over an hour and I kept asking for supervisor, finally got one on the line who was very rude and hung up on me.

  13. lucy smith says:

    Scam first class—Angelina Jolie should run and hide

  14. D charles says:

    I ordered Angelina Jolie sample of evderma. Stay away from this product!!! Within one month I had almost $400.00 charged on my credit card. I found the 800# to call and cancel on my credit card statement. It was awful attempting to get my money back. I never received more product this is a total scam completely fraudulent. Who cares if it works or not. She should be ashame.

  15. Natalie M Ribon says:

    I ordered it and I still haven’t even received it I bet they charged my card because it’s been over 14 days

  16. Anna says:

    From reading all the comments I checked my credit card and YES, I was charged for the prodcut of 89 dollars and the product was advertised as FREE and that I only had to pay shipping. What a scam. I’m so upset. I filed to dispute the transaction through my credit card avoiding trying to call the company since people aren’t having good results.

  17. Emmanuelle Fournier-Kelly says:

    SAME HERE, I’M UTTERLY PXXXXXXXOFF! I replied to a FREE ADD, only to be charged later of £19.95 then a few days later of £69.95. I had to call my bank while on holiday to put a BLOC CODE. It’s a complete disgrace, the company is MADDISON BEAUTY -00 44 1324 238 025.


  18. C. C. says:

    Here’s the number I have.
    Nutra Beauty
    Out of Delaware

  19. Martha McDow says:

    I to bought the Luminis skin serum, by Angelina Jolie. It was advertised as 4.99 plus 1.99 shipping and handling. I received the product a month ago but just received my bank statement. They charged 1.99 shipping but the trial bottle was 98.71. Boy was I dooped, no wonder she is a multi millionaire!! Scamming people out of their hard earned money!!! Never again I learned the hard way!!!!!

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