Heather Locklear’s Bizarre Beauty Secret

Most bizarre beauty secrets typically involve pain but Heather Locklear’s secret facial rejuvenation doesn’t involve any needles. The actress’s raunchy little secret to keeping her skin looking so young and radiant is…semen! Can you believe it? Find out what our expert says about this below.

Heather Locklear, 51, looks half her age but is her secret skincare worth a try? In a recent interview with TMZ.com, Heather was asked her advice on some good skin creams to help with the aging process. ”You don’t wanna know what I’m gonna to say,” replied the television star. The reporter continued to pursue an answer out of her and, sure enough, he got an odd response.

Heather’s Bizarre Beauty Tip

“You just put semen on your face,” Heather answered as she did a rubbing motion around her face. Photographers erupted in laughter even though Heather seemed to be totally serious. Would you do this just to maintain your beauty?

In an on-camera conversation with TMZ reporters, she was asked if she had any recommendations for anti-aging skincare products. Her reply? “You just put semen on your face.”

According to research at Graz University in Austria, a compound found in sperm reduces free radicals and and has anti-aging effects on cells. The research thus far has been on yeast cells, fruit flies, worms, mice, and human blood cells, not on actual people. But worms treated with spermidine lived 15 percent longer than a control group; for the fruit flies, there was a whopping 30 percent anti-aging boost. That’s news that’s easy to swallow. (Sorry.)

‘Her secret was that she used a face mask made from her husband’s sperm (apparently this beauty tip had been passed down through generations of her family and always been thought of as nothing.’
Stella describes a lover’s semen as ‘the freshest cell therapy available on our planet’ because, she claims, it is packed with recognised proteins and minerals that are known to reduce the ageing process.

According to NY magazine, human sperm is a powerful anti-oxidant that is said to diminish wrinkles and smooth the skin. The substance is now even sold by a Norwegian company called Bioforskning and spermine facials are offered in New York.Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia told HollywoodLife.com that there’s some truth in this bizarre beauty tip. ‘Semen contains proteolytic enzymes, which are designed to break down proteins. In theory, if applied to the skin, these enzymes could help to break down the uneven and thickened dead layer of older, sun-damaged skin. This could make the skin feel smoother.

‘However, this might only be achieved with daily application for days or weeks. It would also not be practical as a “mask,” since it is a body fluid and will not remain stable outside the body. It would lose its beneficial effect, if any, very quickly after application.’

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