Scarlett Johansson Natural Skin Care Tip

So obsessed is Johansson that she confessed to ELLE in the February issue that she really should have been a dermatologist. ‘When you help someone to heal their skin, it gives them a new lease of life. I mean, have you ever met anyone with a skin condition? I’m good with that,’ she said. ‘A while back I started researching natural skincare,’ she revealed.‘It’s a nice way to treat your skin if you don’t want to use all those harsh chemicals that a dermatologist would recommend.

‘Lemon juice is great for lightening. It can be a little bit stinging, so you can dilute it with water. It’s a good trick and nice because it’s natural’. Another ingredient she swears by that can be found at your local supermarket is apple cider vinegar. ‘If your skin is problematic or you’re having a lot of breakouts, it’s really healing. It’s a little bit stinky but if you’re not sleeping over at your boyfriend’s it’s really effective!’

It’s not all natural for Johansson though – she is a fan of Kanebo, especially the Total Lip Treatment, £70, ‘it doesn’t have any gloss and it’s great for the winter’. I find that the least aggressive skin regime seems to be the best for my skin. So I just use a very simple non-comedogenic cleanser’.

“I have sensitive skin, so I use actually just Cetaphil face wash (Gentle skin Cleaner) and Clarins moisturizer (Hydro Quench Cream Mask). I wear mostly natural makeup.”

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